Strig Design Studio

A Canadian clothing brand that focuses on natures natural patterns

Our Story

Shauna wearing our chiffon Snowy Owl Scarf with Robert the Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl is the second pattern that Strig Design Studio designed. The Snowy Owl is the Provincial Bird of Quebec and is a well known Arctic owl species. In the winter months in the southern parts of Canada and northern USA the Snowy Owl visits in its quest to find more daylight hours to hunt.

Strig Design Studio packaging

All Strig Design Studio packaging will include information about the animal that the garment represents.

The Original Two

Our first two designs were of the Great Horned Owl and the Snowy Owl. Seen in this photo are the one of a kind wood carvings that represent our first two designs. We commissioned champion bird wood carver George MacMillian to carve each one of our designs in their featured animal. These pieces of art will travel with us to represent the various fabric designs.

Inspiration from Nature

Our original idea was to design non-terrain based camouflage. We designed our Great Horned Owl and Snowy Owl patterns that mimic their natural camouflage. Our unique designs are the only non-terrain based camouflage in the world. Uniquely designed, tried, tested and true for millions of years by Nature. We quickly grew larger than two patterns, now having over ten trademarked designs that represent a variety of bird and other animal species.

How amazing to wear something straight from Nature! The scarves perfectly reflect the beauty of the birds.

Kathleen Osler

How amazing to be able to wear a scarf with my favourite birds feathers represented! Nature and fashion, how perfect is that?

Sarah Lisbeth

What a spectacular idea! I just love the scarves but I want a jacket too! I want more!!

Beverly Elliott

Grey Tree Frog Chiffon Scarf

Canadian Provincial Bird Series

Harris Hawk Chiffon Scarf